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    Who We Are

    For the past twenty years , LIANGZHONG has been making custom store displays for clients from all over the world. Based in Xiamen, China. Our multi-talented team, over 200 workers , have been designed thousands display rack for hundreds clients . We are offering the following service :

    • From design and prototyping to manufacturing and logistics
    • Extensive range of materials and manufacturing processes
    • Multi-line capabilities: Store displays, POP displays, window displays and display accessories

    Our Divisions


    Design & Engineering

    Our team of designers, 3D artists and engineers work togehter to bring your brand the unique store displays using high-end softwares.



    Our metal workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments like CNC machines and automatic pipe punching machine to produce any metal components needed.


    Acrylics & Plastic Workshop

    Our workshop has extensive experience in working with Acrylic, PVC, Styrene, HP, PETG etc,We are able to manufacture displays utilizing multiple materials to create a fascinating ambiance.



    Our wood division includes spray-painting production line and baking-finish line. MDF,Plywood, fire retardant board or anything wood else? We got you covered.

    Our History

    • 2016-For now

      LIANGZHONG has been increasing the capacity , improving the quality system and keeping designing more display racks for customers coming from different countries .
    • May,2013

      Robert welding machine ,Laser machine etc better-working machines were bought back to factory for improving the mass production.
    • July,2012

      LIANGZHONG designed and manufactured store fixtures for Nike,Anta,Lining etc famous sport brand
    • February,2010

      LIANGZHONG cooperated with one of the largest Spain retailer, ZARA, providing customized display racks for them.
    • May,2004

      Foreign Trade Department was setted up for selling display racks to abroad.
    • 2000-2003

      LIANGZHONG mainly manufactured products for domestic clothing retail stores
    • 1999

      LIANGZHONG factory was established in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.